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Get FREE Advice From Our Materially Guide! ➞

Alora Paints Restraint

  • Category: Paint
  • Can Be Used For: Walls
  • Size: Swatch Sticker 200mm x 200mm

    Matte: Our most popular finish is a low-lustre formula with rich, velvety coverage that hides imperfections.

    : Alora’s classic satin finish is a sturdy option that dries with a subtle, pearl-like shine.

    High-Gloss Trim: Our eye-catching trim collection includes complementary colours for any room. This finish is ideal for baseboards and high-traffic surfaces.

    * Alora Paints removable sample stickers are made with real Alora paint, so samples match the exact shade and finish in each can. You can easily wrap the peel-and-stick swatches around corners and test colours under different light. See details and instructions here.