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Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae which existed 10-20 thousand years ago. This remarkable material is high porosity, it has ultra-fine pores 5000-6000 times smaller than charcoal, giving it the ability to absorb and breakdown harmful airborne pollutants.

Our Puhua 2-In-1 Plaster & Paint is breathable, releasing Neg Ion and pH+10 that can help to eliminate bad bacteria & mould.

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Natural Non Toxic Paint




Easy Wash


PH Natural Paint

Our naturally formulated paint magically takes the harmful irritants, unpleasant scents and smells, and eliminates bad bacteria plus mould out of the concoction.

Lovingly made from Diatomaceous Earth, consider Puhua Natural Paint, your family's preferred choice!

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