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Get FREE Advice From Our Materially Guide! ➞
Get FREE Advice From Our Materially Guide! ➞

Material Categories

We have carefully selected partners who are experts in the industry and are known for their reliability in their products. Get their material samples delivered to you for FREE and enjoy exclusive promotions from our partners!


Countertops › 
Layer your hardworking kitchen with durable and stain-resistant materials such as natural stone, engineered quartz and more.

Flooring › 
Classic hardwood, bamboo, vinyl and more—explore practical options that will bring the whole theme of the house together.
Laminates › 
Achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. Explore a wide range of colours, patterns and textures for your carpentry.
Paint › 
It's not just colours! Create the right vibes for your home with paint that not only brightens but is safe and long lasting.
Tiles › 
Make your tile floors the main event. Jazz up your home with the best types to design a lasting, yet low-maintenance look.
Wallpaper › 
Looking to spruce up your space with a hassle-free option? There's no shortage of wallpaper styles, colours and textures in here!
Curtains & Blinds ›    
From roller blinds to velvet curtains, choose the perfect window treatment that will not only protect you from the sun rays but also offer privacy.

Upholstery ›   
Turn the room into a stage! Bring in the personality by unifying the right furniture that will complete your living space.


Wall Panels ›   
Liven up your walls and add a touch of sophistication with versatile wall panels that require minimal upkeep.

 Interior Films ›   
It's versatility makes it the perfect option for almost anything, from abstract designs to wood grain, surfaces of all shapes and curves, there is sure to be a design to suit all requirements. 

Window Films >
A virtually limitless option that suits your unique needs and enhances your home’s comfort, security, and appeal.

Gates & Doors >
More than just functionality, it's also the very first glimpse of the inhabitants' character.