Material Categories

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Countertops › 

Layer your hardworking kitchen with durable and stain-resistant materials such as natural stone, engineered quartz and more.

Flooring › 

Classic hardwood, bamboo, vinyl and more—explore practical options that will bring the whole theme of the house together.
Laminates › 

Achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. Explore a wide range of colours, patterns and textures for your carpentry.
Paint › 

It's not just colours! Create the right vibes for your home with paint that not only brightens but is safe and long lasting.
Tiles › 

Make your tile floors the main event. Jazz up your home with the best types to design a lasting, yet low-maintenance look.
Wallpaper › 

Looking to spruce up your space with a hassle-free option? There's no shortage of wallpaper styles, colours and textures in here!
Curtains & Blinds ›    

From roller blinds to velvet curtains, choose the perfect window treatment that will not only protect you from the sun rays but also offer privacy.

Upholstery ›   

Turn the room into a stage! Bring in the personality by unifying the right furniture that will complete your living space.


Wall Panels ›   

Liven up your walls and add a touch of sophistication with versatile wall panels that require minimal upkeep.