About iQuartz

We specialize in manufacturing, design, fabrication and distribution of Quartz material for counter tops, vanity tops, furniture components and other customized interior products.

iQuartz aims to change the perception of Quartz being expensive with a limited range of colours and texture. Our brand promises to bring you quartz surface products of the trendiest colours and updated textures at a value that is priced right. We vow to deliver our foremost products and service in a complete package, giving you the gift of an elegant and polished look with our eye-catching quartz surfaces.

Not just quartz. iQuartz.

Why Choose iQuartz?


High Quality


Stain Resistant

Easy Maintenance



Our solid colors and basic marble range that is specially designed for “U” to match with your home decor.

U.S.A Series

Thicker, stronger, better. A range of 20mm and 30mm thick Marble Quartz and Basic Whites and Greys for elegance, beauty and those that want to make a statement.


Our most popular basic colors which is suitable for every home.

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