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About Vwalla

About Vwalla

Vwalla specialises in wall panels that create stunning feature walls. Our extensive range of wall coverings transform any vertical space with a dash of grandeur and life for a timeless look.


Why Choose Vwalla?

  • Beautiful, Unique Designs

  • Quality, Durable Materials

  • Professional In-House Installers

  • Cost Effective, Affordable

  • Customer Centric approach


Fluted Panels 176 Series

Vwalla Fluted Panels create clean and continuous lines. Featuring a chroma of wood and solid color selections, with a series of interlocking profiles that allow for consistent alignment and integrity. Made from durable materials that have a high resistance to water, fire, scratches, and impact.

Vwalla Fluted Panels 176 Series

Fluted Panels 180 Series

Vwalla Fluted Panels 180 Series

Fluted Panels 188 Series

Vwalla Fluted Panels 188 Series


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