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Get FREE Advice From Our Materially Guide! ➞
About SG Gate Door Window

About SG Gate Door Window

Supplier of Singapore top grade gates, doors (Timber & Fire Rated), foldable sliding door and aluminium windows.


Why Choose SG Gate Door Window?

  • Top Quality Products & Services

  • Reasonable pricing

  • One stop service

  • Professional advice 

  • SME 500 Award 2021


    Timber Doors Series

    We provide top grade HDB doors to our valued customers. Materials finishing focuses on laminates which are scratch resistant and water resistant. Most common choice of door by designers. Materially SG GDW Timber Doors Series

    Slide & Fold Doors Series

    We provide top grading doors which are high quality and has sleek workmanship. They range from sliding and folding doors, which are widely available for both residential and commercial projects. Choose to customise your own Slide & Fold Door from our variety of patterns, materials or pick your favourite from our wide range of ready-made designs.Materially SG GDW Slide & Fold Doors Series

    Metal Gates Series

    Our gates are of high quality and sleek workmanship, reducing on visibility of wielding and uneven joints. Materials finishing focuses on mild steel, makes our metal gates extremely durable. We provide customisation options as well.Materially SG GDW Metal Gates Series

    Pet Friendly Series

    From mesh gates to pet access door, our products are pet friendly and fully customisable. We put pet owners into consideration and integrate them into our products which are available for majority of the household pets. Please feel free to enquire our team for further assistance.Materially SG GDW Pet Friendly Series

    Fire Rated Door Series

    We provide fire rated door from 30 mins to 4 hours. We comply with the authority's requirements on fire rated door, ranging from timber fire rated door to metal fire rated door.SG GDW Fire Rated Door Series


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                 Tel: +65 6732 2252

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