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About LG HI-MACS®️ Acrylic Solid Surface

About LG HI-MACS®️ Acrylic Solid Surface

HI-MACS® offers countless advantages. Its outstanding qualities in aesthetics, performance and fabrication make HI-MACS® a winning choice for designs in demanding public spaces from wall claddings to structural installations, from retail counters to bathroom and kitchen counters to furniture with illuminating properties.


Why Choose LG HI-MACS®️?

  • Hygienic & Antibacterial

  • Water & Stain resistant

  • Visually Seamless Look (no joint lines)

  • Safe for direct contact with food

  • Green Label Certified as Sustainable


Solid Series

From effortless to extravagant, classic to ultra-contemporary - this is a timeless collection. A popular choice for a minimalist kitchen countertop or vanity theme!

Materially HI-MACS Solid

Granite Series

Full of depth and mysticism, akin to a precious natural stone but with all of the advantages of “Natural Acrylic Stone™”.

Materially HI-MACS Granite

Marmo Series

Captivating random veined texture, reminiscent of marble.
Materially HI-MACS Marmo


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