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About Lamitak

About Lamitak

With almost two decades of creating and perfecting proprietary designs, colours and textures, Lamitak is singularly defined by one element: relentless creativity.

Established in 2001 in Singapore, Lamitak, a TAK surfaces lifestyle brand of high-pressure laminates, is firmly anchored by its tagline “Inspiring Spaces”. Lamitak aims to inspire owners of abodes and spaces so that they can fulfil their desire for dream interiors.

Why Choose Lamitak?

  • Trendsetter in High Pressure Laminate (HPLs) designs

  • Quality

  • Wide Range of Selections

  • Sustainability

  • Immersive Experience


    Solids, Dri-Matt® 

    The DRI-MATT® is Lamitak's proprietary trademark finish within the matt spectrum. A majority of our laminates are distinct for its subtle reflective, matt finish.

    Available in a myriad of colours, solid colour laminates can be used to create slow living spaces as well as creative possibilities such as a composite of geometric shapes, application of line etchings and 1970’s Memphis design

    Materially Lamitak Solids, Dri-Matt®


    Lamitak has over 400 laminate designs to choose from which includes woodgrains too.
    To achieve greater heights of realism, the surface design is paired with the tactile experience of the natural material. We invite you to explore the Laurentian Maple, Viola Noce, Oregon Teak family.

    Materially Lamitak Wood


    The second-largest grouping of finishes is that of Textured laminates. If you run your fingers over them, you will explore highly tactile materials that not only serve as a visual pleasure but one that would accentuates the realism of the design.
    If your abode allows permeation of generous volumes of warm and inviting ultra-fine fabric design such as Stoffa, Pashley, Caraceni or with the smooth satiny polish of steel.
    Materially Lamitak Pattern

    Exclusive Promotion

    • Receive a free limited-edition gift when you visit the Lamitak Studio at Lavender with the sample laminate you received from Materially.
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