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About Formica

About Formica

Formica Group globally leads the industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications.


Why Choose Formica?

  • Trending colours

  • Premium quality

  • Matt surfaces

  • Antimicrobial

  • Variety of textures


    FENIXⓇ Series

    Discover FENIX, the innovative materials for interior design created by Arpa Industriale for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications: kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture. With low light reflectivity, the FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.Materially Formica FENIXⓇ Series

    DecoMetalⓇ SRM Series

    Made in Germany, DecoMetal® SRM is a new high-quality, matt surface provided on selected aluminum, copper and brass decors. DecoMetal® SRM is suitable for horizontal use, for example, on counters in exhibitions, shop fittings, or counters in dining spaces, and tables/work surfaces in the office or kitchen. It is also useful for spaces that experience high traffic, like hotels and restaurants.Materially Formica DecoMetalⓇ SRM

    FormicaⓇ High Pressure Laminates Series

    It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces and can be heated to hold a curve, making it an ideal solution for furniture pieces, column casing, wall paneling, countertops, doors and more.Materially Formica FormicaⓇ High Pressure Laminates

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