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About Arova

About Arova

Arova® is the laminate brand that puts your lifestyle first, bringing the joy back into home-building with a light-hearted approach and being the Siri of the laminates industry, we are ever-present companion in the entire process.

With over 450 unique laminate designs, more than 80% of Arova® collection are certified anti-microbial. The brand’s laminates are a safe, hygienic and hard-wearing choice for countertops, cabinets, shelves, feature walls, wardrobes and even bathroom vanities

Head Office located in Singapore with distribution grounds in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia Batam and Dubai.

Why Choose Arova?

  • Unique Laminate Designs

  • Competitive Pricing

  • More than 450 Designs

  • More than 80% of entire collection is certified anti microbial

  • Manufactured Exclusively in South Korea


    Supreme Lite Series

    This collection of laminates has the following properties: Anti-fingerprint, scratch resistant, anti-bacterial and matching abs edging and the range consist of 10 solid colors, 2 marbles designs and 1 wood design.

    Whiteboard/Magnetic Board

    This range consist of whiteboard and magnetic board laminates with anti-fingerprint properties.

    Supreme High Gloss

    Patented hot coating process technology for high pressured laminate that provides a deep glossy touch without ripples, mirror like effect, highest gloss level in the market.

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