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When and Where Should You Use Tiles, Answered!

When and Where Should You Use Tiles, Answered!

Looking for versatility, a wow-factor and ease of maintenance? Tiles are the answer.

While you might be using vinyl flooring in your communal spaces, you can hardly extend it to the likes of your wet kitchen and bathroom. So, what options are you left with? Tiles, of course!

Available in an array of colours, patterns, sizes, shapes and finishes, they don’t just make it easier (on you) to keep up with daily demands, but you can also use them to realise a feature wall idea, or create an eye-catching backsplash.

Where else can you use them to full effect? Read on to find out more!

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

Tiles for Flooring


  • Hardy enough to withstand footfall
  • Resistant to grease and moisture
  • Able to mask dirt and imperfections
  • Plenty of anti-slip options on the market

1. Type of tiles for your living area flooring

Remember, the more grout lines you have, the more maintenance is needed as they trap a lot of dirt, especially if your home has heavy foot traffic. As such, bigger tiles like GANI’s marble tiles should be your go-to for the large and spacious living room.

Interior Firm: Design 4 Space

Available in a 900 x 1800mm format, it offers a realistic look with 0.5mm joints and continuous veining! Most importantly, it’s water and stain resistant too – better than the porous, expensive AND hard to maintain marble counterpart that it takes after.

2. Type of tiles for your kitchen flooring

The wet kitchen is always exposed to a whole host of substances from grease to food particles. To withstand it all, you’ll need a hardier floor tile. A mid-sized porcelain tile is ideal like Diamond Asia Tiles’s EHF DA960 VIRGO – they’re dense, durable, scratch and stain resistant. 

Interior Firm: Charlotte’s Carpentry

Note: A darker colour or patterned alternatives can help you mask dirt!

3. Type of tiles for your bathroom

Likewise, the tiles you choose for your bathroom have to be able to withstand moisture and humidity to avoid gunk and mould growing. Safety is also a big concern – while glossy tiles may work fine in the living area, it’s a less practical solution here. Instead, choose tiles that are slightly grooved or come with anti-slip properties such as Soon Bee Huat’s Roccia and Sandstone.

Interior Firm: Rockin Spaces

Tiles for Wall Cladding


  • Protects porous walls from spills and splashes
  • Easy to wipe down
  • Resistant to grease and moisture

1. Type of tiles for your feature wall

With plenty of tile options on the market, you can be totally creative in the making of your feature wall. If you’re looking to recreate a cleaner look, picking out large-format tiles can also help to magnify the space as there’s less grout lines! 

Interior Firm: Van Hus Interior Design

2. Type of tiles for your kitchen backsplash

A backsplash is usually installed to protect your porous kitchen walls from spills and splashes. 

Interior Firm: Fifth Avenue Interior

An easy to maintain, fire-resistant and stain resistant option like Admira’s CERARL is a match made in heaven. Designed for wall cladding, this decorative panel can also be used on existing furnished walls – meaning there’s no need to overhaul the kitchen to install a backsplash.

3. Type of tiles for your bathroom walls

While bathroom floor tiles might be all about promoting safety, traction and drainage, you get more leeway when it comes to bathroom walls.

Interior Firm: Urban Home Design

Still, opt for designs that are easy to wipe down (like glass mosaics) and have less gaps (like large format tile pieces) where grime and mould can grow. Trust us, it’ll pay off in the long-run.

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