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Use These Home Reno Materials To Maximise Natural Light In Your Home

These design tips will make your home bright, airy and filled with light!

Let’s be real: not all of us are blessed with the perfect window placements to let in the sweet sunshine. Windows aside, there are plenty of ways to fill your living space with an abundance of natural lighting. Take a cue from these reno material tips to easily brighten up your home in an instant.

1. Use translucent curtains or blinds

Most of us are used to having blackout curtains to keep out the harsh rays, especially in the bedroom. While it’s a great way to enhance your sleeping environment and contribute to a more peaceful slumber, using blackout curtains for the rest of your space may not be the most ideal – just imagine having to navigate your home in pitch-back darkness at night!

If you don’t want the option to block it out completely, we recommend opting for sheer curtains that allow natural light to filter through while shielding against the unbearable glare and heat, creating an overall soft yet airy feel. Your best bet is to choose layered curtains that are made with a combination of sheer and opaque fabrics, which will provide you with a good supply of sunlight during the day, and help to maintain that much-needed privacy come nighttime.

Materially End Curtain

Product merchant: END Curtain

Another alternative is to install blinds, which allows you the flexibility to control the amount of sunlight entering your home. Consider the roller blinds series from END Curtain – it’s a simple, versatile and cost-effective choice that’s available in dim-out and perforated materials to match your privacy needs, and works just like sheer curtains!

Materially tip: The great thing about roller blinds is that they can be layered with night curtains for optimal light control and to achieve a timeless textured look.

2. Lighten up your walls

Materially Dulux

Product merchant: Dulux

If your room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, refrain from using dark shades of interior wall paint like black, dark blue, olive and taupe as they are known to absorb light and make your space appear smaller. To maximise the illuminating effect, go for light hues of crisp white, neutral beige, and cool grey that evoke an open and airy vibe, such as Dulux’s Llama White, Pebbles, and Mercury shade.

For a more unexpected touch, you can also experiment with bolder colours such as Gush's Blooming, Shortcake and Mango for a more refreshing and uplifting feel.

3. Lighten up your ceilings and floors too

Apart from your walls, choosing dark materials for your ceiling and floors tend to cast illusions of shadows on your room. When renovating your space, it’s a good idea to outfit your surfaces with light-coloured materials such as white marble or wood vinyl to brighten up the whole area. Here are some of our product recommendations:

For vinyl flooring:

Materially Kim Korea LVT

Product merchant: Kim Korea LVT

 For marble flooring:

Materially Soon Bee Huat Product merchant: Soon Bee Huat 

Materially tip: If your ceiling and floors are already dark, you can always add a rug or two in varying neutral shades, patterns and textures to break up the monotony of the room.

4. Refresh your carpentry

Materially Singapore Arova

Product merchant: Arova

If your home is a bit on the smaller side, incorporating laminates with reflective properties into your carpentry is one neat trick to make your space look more expansive. Just like mirrors, these shiny surfaces help to bounce light around the room for a brighter look and feel, all while creating an illusion of depth that adds to the spaciousness.

For instance, Arova’s Supreme Gloss in White offers a glossy, mirror-like finish for a sleek yet polished appearance that will elevate your space to stunning effect. Or if you prefer the classic marble look, Formica’s Metallic Marbles (samples will soon be available on Materially) boast gorgeous white and gold veining that will bring a subtle element of gleam and beauty to your home. From lustrous high-gloss finishes to metallic glazes, there are plenty of options to choose from!

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