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These Are the Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Materials of 2022

These Are the Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Materials of 2022

Plan your dream kitchen with these hardworking countertop surfaces!

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, picking the right countertop material is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Just like buying a new house, it’s an investment that you want to last and serve you well for years to come. And there’s plenty to consider apart from the aesthetics – functionality, maintenance, and cost are just some of the factors to look out for. Below, we highlighted four countertop options that will tick all the right boxes for your surfacing needs.

1. Acrylic solid surface

If you’re going for a sleek and clean-cut look that elevates the style in any kitchen, an acrylic solid surface countertop fits the bill perfectly (sans the hefty price tag). Just like its name suggests, it’s composed of natural minerals and acrylic resins to create a smooth, non-porous surface. It’s highly durable and comes in a matte finish, which makes for a visually seamless appearance that works well in any kitchen.LG HI-MACSOne brand that delivers that and more is LG HI-MACS, which offers a stunning selection of colours and patterns that fit in with almost every decor style. On top of its good looks, HI-MACS also makes for an incredibly hygienic countertop thanks to its antibacterial and water-resistant qualities. Not only does it help to keep dirt, moisture and germs at bay, it’s also free from any additional chemical layers which makes it child-friendly and safe for direct food contact. This means you can use it as a food prep area without worrying about contamination.

2. Natural stone

Natural stones such as marble, soapstone and granite are coveted for their timeless appeal and sophisticated aesthetics. If adding value to your home is the goal, going au naturel is the way to go. Its distinct veins and grains lend a unique, one-of-a-kind look that is sure to stand out, and can last for years if given the proper care.Natural Stone CountertopHowever, natural stone countertops are more delicate and need plenty of upkeep to maintain their beauty. Besides having to clean up spills immediately to prevent staining, these surfaces also require a sealant upon installation to keep it in pristine condition. Granite and marble are also typically more expensive than other materials, so do keep this in mind if you’re committed to getting a natural stone countertop.

3. Quartz

There’s a lot to love about quartz countertops! An excellent alternative to natural stone, this man-made material is engineered from a mix of quartz, resin and pigments. This results in a non-porous, long-lasting surface that does not require any sealing. It’s resistant to scratches, and its hardy nature makes it less susceptible to stains and cracks so rest assured it’s capable of withstanding the rigours of a busy kitchen.CaesarstoneWhat’s more, quartz countertops come in a wide array of designs that can emulate the look of its natural stone counterparts such as marble, granite and concrete, sans the potential flaws that come associated with them. Caesarstone surfaces, for instance, are extremely versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Furthermore, it requires virtually zero maintenance so you can enjoy all the perks of a quartz countertop with minimal effort. Just a bit of mild detergent is enough to keep a Caesarstone surface looking as good as new!

While it may be on the pricier end, Caesarstone also offers more affordable options such as the Supernatural Ultra range which features marble-inspired designs that can withstand the test of time and comes with a 10-year warranty.

4. Architectural surfaces

For unparalleled strength and durability, look no further than Cosentino’s Silestone range. Essentially an upgraded version of quartz, silestone is an innovative hybrid surface made of premium minerals and recycled materials using cutting-edge technology. Its ultra-tough and robust structure makes it resistant to all sorts of stains, scratches and impact (even acids!), so this could be a major plus for those who engage in heavy cooking.Silestone by CosentinoWhile Silestone is more for indoor activities, Cosentino also has the Dekton series which is made for outdoor endeavours like camping dinners and barbecue nights. Perfect for exterior applications, this high-performance material is equipped with UV resistance to prevent it from fading overtime. What’s more, it boasts an incredibly resilient surface that can easily stand up to wear and tear with grace. You can even place hot pots and pans directly on it without worrying about damaging the surface. To seal the deal, it also comes with an extended 25-year warranty for added assurance of longevity.Dekton by Cosentino

Your dream kitchen is just a click away!

Finding the perfect countertop is essential in creating a beautiful yet functional kitchen that meets all your needs. To make the process easier, head over to our Materially Guide where we will provide you with tips, ideas and recommendations to get your project off the ground. Don’t forget to quote “Materially” when you book an appointment with us to visit any of our material partners’ showrooms to enjoy more exclusive perks!

Also, be sure to check out our upcoming Materially Fair happening on 30 April to learn more about the various materials and get professional advice right on site. We will see you there! 

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