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These Are The Most Popular Home Reno Materials In 2021

These Are The Most Popular Home Reno Materials In 2021

Every home has at least one of these.

It’s been yet another year of challenges, but if there’s one thing that brought us a sense of stability amidst these unpredictable times – it’s the materials we gravitate towards for our homes. Whether it’s a simple upgrading project or a major gut overhaul, many homeowners are opting for more durable, high-quality materials in order to build a more conscious space.

From concrete look alike tiles to matte antimicrobial surfaces, we weigh in on some of the most sought-after choices that are working their way into the hearts of homeowners.

1. Concrete-look porcelain tiles

A hot favourite among those with a penchant for industrial themes, these concrete-effect porcelain tiles are a great alternative to the typical concrete screed flooring which may be prone to impending chips and cracks. So if you’re looking for a material to help you achieve that grungy, cafe-inspired look, you can’t go wrong with this.

Soon Bee Huat Schegge Tiles
Product Merchant: Soon Bee Huat

One of our go-to brands is Soon Bee Huat, which carries a dizzying array of on-trend tile designs and finishes for any interior project. Its Schegge Series, in particular, offers a unique take on the ceramic tradition while preserving the durability of porcelain stoneware. By combining aesthetic quality and superior technical performance, the result is an astonishingly beautiful surface that’s sure to elevate your space. Not only is it more durable due to its non-porous nature, these porcelain tiles are also exceptionally resistant to stains and everyday wear and tear.

It’s also available in large tile sizes up to 60.4cm, which provides a seamless appearance that works great in modern homes. Plus, it’s a breeze to install and allows for minimal maintenance.

2. Matte, antimicrobial laminates

Take a quick look around your home and you would probably notice a ton of greasy fingerprints all over your surfaces. Thankfully, AROVA has developed the Supreme Lite series to solve your fingerprint woes – all at an affordable package. 

Arova Supreme Lite Premium GreenProduct Merchant: AROVA

This exclusive range of laminates come in a super matte finish with low light reflectivity, which is designed to make grease marks and smudges less visible as compared to your usual polished surfaces. Apart from its anti-fingerprint capabilities, it also comes with an additional layer of protection thanks to its antimicrobial benefits – a welcome feature in today’s homes where safety is a top priority. Use it on high-traffic areas such as the kitchen countertops and cabinets to keep nasty bacteria at bay!

What we love about this series is that it’s incredibly versatile and pairs well with other textures – for instance, Supreme Lite Premium Green and rattan furniture make a great textural pairing.

3. Decorative vinyl films

For those looking for a simple and hassle-free way to spruce up your interiors, these decorative vinyl films will give your space a new lease of life with minimal effort – no renovation required!

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural FinishesProduct Merchant: 3M

Boasting a wide selection of designs, 3M’s DI-NOC range can be easily applied onto a multitude of surfaces (yes, even curved surfaces!) to replace outdated finishes – refurbish an old door, update existing cabinetry, or refresh your feature wall for a bold new look. What’s more, these films are designed to be more durable than traditional applications so rest assured they will hold up regardless of water, dirt or mold.

To allow for greater convenience, it utilizes a dry application method thus no drilling or hacking is involved, ensuring a smooth and disruption-free installation process that your neighbours will thank you for.

4. Vinyl flooring

It’s not hard to see why vinyl has been a popular choice in homes. It’s highly affordable, superbly durable and resistant to warping and moisture, so it’s great for humid climates like Singapore. On top of that, it’s also enhanced with anti-slip and waterproof properties which makes it suitable for families with young children or elderly in the household. 

XingFloors Vinyl FlooringProduct Merchant: Xingfloors

One brand that specializes in vinyl flooring is Xingfloors, which is well-loved for its Floorlux Luxury Vinyl Click series. It’s available in a range of realistic wood that looks like Dark Walnut to serve as a rustic, natural underfoot. But vinyl is not just limited to wood; it also comes in the form of marble like the Wall Panel series, which can be used to do up a striking marble wall feature for a more minimalistic vibe.

Get inspired with these trending materials!

It’s safe to say we can expect to see these materials trending in 2022 and beyond. So why not stay ahead of the crowd and get your hands on some FREE material samples? What’s more, you can also enjoy exclusive discounts with our material partners when you quote “Materially” at the showrooms! T&C applies.

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