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The Most Sought-After Kitchen Countertop Materials

The Most Sought-After Kitchen Countertop Materials

We’ve rounded up the most popular options for you.

To build a functional kitchen, finding the right material for your countertop is crucial. It needs to be tough enough to handle the daily workings of the kitchen, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing when you double up as dining furniture.

With a myriad of choices out there, feeling overwhelmed is understandable. Some countertops may get damaged easily and stain. Others may have poor heat resistance. So, how do you pick the best material for your hardworking kitchen? We’ve got you.

Before you make a huge splurge, scroll on to learn more about our most popular countertops materials.

Engineered Quartz

Manufactured from a mix of quartz and flexible resins, engineered quartz is known to have strength similar to granite, with better resistance to scratches and dents (but not heat).

These stone-like materials are hardy and non-porous, fitting into the heavy demands of cooking. With its easy maintenance nature, it makes a good alternative to granite as it is a more predictable material. Plus, it also comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures.

Product Merchant: iQuartz | Interior design by Notion of W

Cost High range
Durability Highly durable and less likely to crack
Eco-friendly Yes
Maintenance Low Maintenance. Resistant to impact, scratch and stain
Aesthetic Appeal Resembles the look of natural stone like marble but with a consistent pattern, texture and colour.

Solid Surfaces

An excellent choice for mid-range kitchens, this one is great for homeowners who are looking for zero-maintenance. Made primarily from thick layers of synthetic acrylics, this non-porous material will assure that you’ll never have to worry about removing stubborn stains.

In addition, one of the biggest advantages is that it can integrate your sink and backsplash for a seamless look as compared to natural stones and quartz. Though they may not be the toughest material around, they can maintain their beauty for many years when taken care of.

Product Merchant: Luxx New House (Hi-Macs Collection)

Cost Mid-range
Durability Durable
Eco-friendly Yes
Maintenance Low maintenance but easily damaged by heat and impact if not taken care of.
Aesthetic Appeal Available in many colours and patterns. Integrated sink/countertop units can be done for a seamless look.

Natural Stone

Even modest kitchen spaces may appear luxurious when outfitted with the beauty of natural stones countertops. If cost is no issue for you, this is a great option to consider. Though these stones are costlier, they are definitely more eco-friendly in comparison to the rest of the materials.

With its outstanding strength and durability, natural stones are resistant to scratches, and damage from heat. You can expect each slab to be unique in colour, pattern and veining. However, routine maintenance is required for lasting usage.

 Interior design by Summerhaus D’zign

Cost High range
Durability Highly durable and strong
Eco-friendly Yes
Maintenance High maintenance. Some surfaces can crack if not properly installed.
Aesthetic Appeal Beautiful stones with unique veining. Comes in a wide variety of colours.


Truth is, it’s not rocket science!

Start your home journey confidently with us and explore the beauty of each material. Get your first 3 material palette for free and make a more informed decision by matching them to your intended renovation style!

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