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Spruce Up Your Home With These Stylish Wall Applications

Spruce Up Your Home With These Stylish Wall Applications

These stunning backdrops can transform your room in an instant!

Thinking of giving your home a much-needed refresh? Instead of just throwing on a fresh coat of paint, why not jazz things up a little with some decorative wall coverings? With a multitude of colours, patterns and textures to choose from, these chic yet versatile designs are a quick and fuss-free way to transform even the dullest of spaces with little effort. The best part? It’s removable so you can change up the look of your decor whenever you want — no renovation required.

From trendy wallpaper designs to unique wall panelling ideas, we peel back the layers of this decorative trend to give you the lowdown.

Product merchant: Chroma Living


Gone are the dated, kitschy designs of yesteryears – think garish floral prints often seen in old-fashioned hotel bathrooms. These days, wallpaper is cool again. Fom bold geometric motifs to faux textured effects, there’s sure to be a wallpaper design that tickles your fancy.

Most wallpaper options in the market are made to peel and stick for easy application, and at a pretty affordable price tag. What takes up the bulk of the cost is the installation and workmanship fees. As a general guide, the average cost of installation services ranges from $3 to $4 per square feet. Before shopping for wallpaper, make sure to measure your dimensions carefully to know how much coverage you need!

Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some cool ideas to get you started.

For the nature lovers:

Not a green thumb? No problem. Bring the outdoors in with nature-inspired wallpapers instead! It’s a great way to add depth and interest, while serving as a natural accent to create an instant zen feeling. Turn your home into a tropical paradise with scenic botanical landscapes, dense foliage murals and whimsical floral motifs – a perfect choice for the plant moms (and dads).

Product merchant: Chroma Living

For the bold and adventurous:

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, don’t just stick to the tried-and-true classics. Go all out with bold, statement-making patterns that will truly make your space stand out. Although not for the faint of heart, geometrics, stripes and prints make for an absolute eye-catcher that lends plenty of visual drama. Try incorporating a pattern or two in communal settings such as the dining room to act as a unique conversation starter for guests.

Product merchant: Chroma Living

For the classy city dwellers:

Who doesn’t love the look of marble? This elegant natural stone is lauded for its sophisticated, refined appearance, making it a highly sought-after design element in modern-day homes. However, its beauty comes at a rather steep price. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune for it; wallpaper is one way to achieve that coveted marble effect at home, but at a fraction of the cost and sans the maintenance.

Product merchant: Chroma Living

For a zero-fuss industrial makeover:

There’s a lot to love about a good ol’ brick wall. Touted as the holy grail of interiors, an exposed brick wall adds character and charm to an otherwise boring space, and looks right at home in an industrial scheme.

Wallpapering is a neat trick to bring the raw, industrial vibes of exposed bricks into your home, minus the hassle of having to install actual bricks onto your wall. What’s more, it can also be applied on other surfaces such as wall partitions and accent features, which are otherwise incapable of withstanding the load of real bricks.

Product merchant: KIN Atelier

Wall Panels

Besides wallpaper, another decorative option to consider is wall panelling. Wall panels are constructed with various materials to produce a variety of ultra-realistic looks, and are great for covering up uneven and damaged walls. So if you’re looking for an understated yet functional solution for your surfaces, look no further.

Product merchant: Vwalla

Here are some looks you can achieve with different types of wall panels.

For a luxe resort vibe:

Transform your home into a resort-inspired retreat with the use of fluted wall panels. Made up of engineered composite materials with a natural wood finish, these fluted panels come adorned with vertical, continuous lines to offer a highly stylised appearance – perfect for nailing that boutique hotel-suite look.

It can be used as a feature wall to create a striking focal point, or highlight a specific area without overwhelming the rest of the space. Fluted panels are more durable and easy to maintain, which makes it a favoured choice among homeowners.

Product merchant: Chroma Living

For an unexpected touch:

For something a little more edgy and unique, opt for 3D wall panels. Although it’s not a common feature seen in most Singaporean homes, these three-dimensional surfaces are rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its unexpected tactile appeal. It’s a creative way to play with textures and heighten visual interest, all while evoking a distinctive sense of style. Lightweight, durable and waterproof, 3D panels are available in a range of carved designs – everything from the classic brick walls to abstract diamond formations, etc.

If you’re not a fan of the usual linear offerings, you might love the Ocean 3D Wall Panels from Vwalla. These cascading panels give a nod to coasting living with its intriguing wave-like patterns, creating a calm and serene atmosphere that feels like you’re away from home.

Product merchant: Vwalla

For a polished aesthetic:

PVC wall panels are another viable alternative when it comes to cladding your vertical and overhead spaces, and it’s ideal if you’re looking to replicate a particular interior style for less.

For instance, you can achieve the polished aesthetic of marble with Paneltec. Unlike actual marble tiles which are porous and highly vulnerable, these PVC substitutes are 100% waterproof and made to withstand moist environments such as the bathroom and kitchen areas. Whether you’re going for a more subtle veining with the Grey Botticino Classico, or the ones with classic veining like the Statuario design, Paneltec has you covered with its selection of marble-inspired wall panels.

Product merchant: Paneltec

Give your walls a new lease of life!

With a myriad of wallpaper and wall panel designs to take your pick from, we know you’ll be spoilt for choice. Before embarking on your makeover, here’s your chance to get 10 FREE material samples inclusive of wallpaper and wall panel samples, all delivered right to your doorstep.

On Materially, we’ve got over 300 material samples to choose from across all categories, so you can experience the materials and decide what works best for your home. If you’re thinking of making a trip down to the showroom, you can also book an appointment here and get a $10 voucher for every first visit, and enjoy exclusive discounts when you quote “Materially” at our partner showrooms! T&c applies.

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