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Save More on Your Reno With These Low-Cost Materials!

Save More on Your Reno With These Low-Cost Materials!

Every dollar counts and these materials will help you stretch your budget.

While a huge amount of effort, design expertise and labour go into a renovation, there’s one component that often takes up the biggest chunk – materials. What you choose can make or break your wallet, especially when you have large surfaces to deal with.

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To save you the hassle of prowling around for solutions, we’ve done the homework for you and put together a substantial list with our affordable alternatives. Read on to find out more!

1. Painted walls

It should come as no surprise, but paint is a no-frills and cost-effective alternative to feature walls. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars on wallpapers or fancy craftstone, you can get away with topping up a few hundred to get a graphic wall or simply DIY one.

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That said, there are different types of paint, some of which have unique properties. Take gush’s selection for instance – aside from preventing mould and eliminating bacteria, it also breaks down VOCs to purify air, making it the healthier choice for your kids. However, as you can surmise, these types of paint tend to be costlier compared to traditional matte paint, so splurge only if you see value in the investment.

Browse other paint options to find your best solution here.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Usually costing about $3.80 – $8.50 per square foot, vinyl’s become an incredibly popular option amongst homeowners. Affordability aside, options like Floor Gallery’s ERPF+ collection can also be installed over your existing tiles, which means less hacking costs incurred!

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It should be noted that there might be some gaping that will leave vinyl flooring susceptible to water damage. That’s why it’s always best to work with waterproof alternatives like Diamond Asia Tiles’ EHF marble series or Xingfloors’ rigid vinyl click collection, and to have them installed by their professionals.

Explore more flooring options here.

3. Engineered quartz/solid surface countertops

When it comes to pure cost, you’ll find that KompacPlus and laminates are the most economical. However, the downside to these is that they’re not particularly long-lasting nor heat-resistant, making them unsuitable for hardworking kitchens.

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As such, it’s best to invest in a hardier material like Caesarstone’s or IQuartz’s engineered quartz that are stain- and heat-resistant which makes it easy to care for. Otherwise, you can put together a visually seamless look with Hi-Macs Acrylic Solid Surfaces if aesthetics matter.

Find your perfect countertop material here.

4. Solid, matte laminates

Unless you’re planning to go au naturel, you’ll need laminates to spruce up your carpentry carcass! There’s a sheer variety you can choose from, but in general, solid colours and matte finishes like Arova’s Supreme Series, Admira’s Solid Collection and Lamitak’s Solids, Dri-Matt® tend to cost less than those with prints or embossed and textured finishes.

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View more laminate options here.

5. Ceramic tiles

Because they’re hardy and impervious to moisture, ceramic tiles are the ideal candidates for backsplashes and even larger areas like bathrooms as costs start from $3 per square feet.

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Still, “ceramic” is a rather broad category of clay-based surfaces, which may include homogeneous, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

The “best” type for your home largely depends on where it’s going to be applied – homogeneous/porcelain tiles are recommended for cladding the floor because they’re less prone to moisture absorption, while ceramic alternatives are more suited for walls as they are less hardy.

Find your right tile by browsing Soon Bee Huat’s extensive collection here.

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