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6 Commonly Used Materials for Your Home

6 Commonly Used Materials for Your Home

Ever wondered what goes into making a house livable?

Find out about the different materials used to transform a bare space into a comfortable environment for rest, work and play.

Putting the spotlight on 6 commonly-used materials, read on to find out just what can be accomplished with the likes of wood, stone, vinyl, and more!


Vinyl is a synthetic material that is capable of mimicking a wide variety of colours, patterns and materials, including the likes of ceramic, wood, and even marble. It is available in two forms: as fixed-format tiles and as trimmable sheets.

• Sturdy enough to be used in high-traffic areas without significant wear-and-tear
• Does not produce loud noises when stepped on, useful for homeowners with pets and/or young children
• Low-cost flooring option that is relatively easy to install and maintain

Can be used on...


Brands: Floor Melody | The Floor Gallery


Wood needs no in-depth introduction. This natural material is as versatile as it looks good, and it is used for a variety of purposes in homes: as flooring, as ceiling decoration, and as feature walls.
Other than natural hardwood, you can also consider engineered wood. This man-made option features multiple layers of solid timber that are glued together for extra strength, making it less likely to warp from shifts in humidity, temperature and exposure to moisture.

• Looks and feels great
• Sturdy and stable material
• Good at absorbing sounds
• Available in a variety of colours: brown, dark brown, red, or even grey

Can be used on...
Floors, ceiling, carpentry 

Brands: Floor Melody


Just like wood, stone is available both as a natural and man-made material. Commonly-used natural stones include marble, travertine, granite, and limestone, whereas their artificial counterparts consist of engineered quartz. 

• High heat resistance
• Stone surfaces, especially glossy ones, add a luxurious quality to any home
• Engineered stones have all the beauty of their natural counterparts, but not their weaknesses

Can be used on...
Countertops, floors, walls

Brands: Caesarstone | iQuartz

High-Pressure Laminates

Thin sheets of surface material that are used to 'dress up' interior carpentry works. As an overlay, laminates serve a practical function as well as a decorative one because they are frequently used to enhance the look and feel of a less-refined core.

• Durable and easy to maintain
• Available in a wide variety of designs, colours and textures
• Resistant to hard impacts, scratches, and moisture

Can be used on...
Carpentry, Feature Wall

Brands: Admira | Arova | Lamitak

Solid Surface

A stone-like, artificial material that is manufactured by mixing either acrylic or polyester with coloured pigments, the solid surface's non-porous nature makes it one of the most durable surfaces for homes.

• Resistant to bacteria, stains and mildew growth
• Installation is seamless, no grouts or seams that trap dirt or debris
• Does not require any form of special cleaning and/or maintenance

Can be used on...
Countertops, Feature Wall


Like ceramic, porcelain is also made by heating clay, except that it uses a more refined mix of sand, feldspar and water that is fired at a higher temperature. The result: a denser, more durable material than ceramic. Porcelain tiles come in two variants, full-body (or homogeneous) and glazed.

Full body tiles feature a colouring that runs throughout the entire tiles' thickness; meanwhile, glazed tiles feature a coloured, glazed top and may not have the same colouration within its body.

• Stain and water-resistant
• Has a low moisture absorption rate
• Easy to maintain, durable, hardwearing and long-lasting
• Different hardness levels make it usable in both high and low-wear environments
• Suitable even for outdoor use as it is a denser material
• Available in a wide range of designs, patterns and shapes to suit each interior decor

Can be used on...
Floors, walls

Brand: Soon Bee Huat

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