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How To Pick The Best Material For Your Sofa: Fabric vs Leather, With Recommendations!

How To Pick The Best Material For Your Sofa: Fabric vs Leather, With Recommendations!

The battle between fabric and leather sofas, settled, once and for all.

Choosing a sofa for your home is no easy feat because the one you pick is going to be there for your afternoon naps, your movie nights with friends, and everything in between. While there are a myriad of materials you can choose for your sofa, it’s arguable that most people are divided between fabric sofas and leather sofas. 

To help ease your decision-making process, we’re diving into some factors to consider before deciding whether fabric or leather is the material for you.


If sinking into a soft, plush sofa with a good book is your idea of a perfect weekend afternoon, a fabric sofa is your best bet. With Singapore’s humid weather, leather tends to trap heat which will equate to sweaty thighs and discomfort - the opposite of a relaxing time. 

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

However, if more support is what you’re after, firmer leather sofas and chairs are what to look out for.

Our pick: Fabric sofas


Buying a sofa is an investment, you wouldn’t want to spend a chunk of your budget on it only to have your sofa last for 1-2 years. Of course, premium quality materials usually last longer, and additional properties such as scratch-proof and stain-resistant finishes can ensure that your sofa lasts longer, albeit costing more.

Interior Firm: Notion of W

If we’re comparing a standard fabric sofa and leather sofa, stains usually take more effort to come off fabric so if you have young children or are prone to spilling your drinks, maybe opt for a leather sofa. For daily maintenance, light dusting or vacuuming is adequate in keeping your sofa in tiptop shape.

As for leather sofas, they are prone to more visible scratches and Singapore’s humidity may cause cracks to form on the sofa, so if you have pets that have itchy claws, a fabric sofa may be a better choice! If not, you can consider investing in leather softening or polishing products to upkeep and prevent cracks.

Our pick: It depends!

Colour Durability

In terms of variety, both fabric and leather sofas offer loads of colours and patterns for you to choose from. If we’re talking about how long the colour can last, fabric sofas tend to fade out quickly over time due to excessive use, frequent washing, or simply because of age.

Interior Firm: Notion of W

On the flipside, colour on leather tends to last longer but usually comes with a slight sheen due to the material and is something to consider design-wise.

Our pick: Leather sofas


For those who are after a Scandinavian or contemporary style for their home, fabric sofas in solid colours are a great compliment to the style. Even if those aren’t your preferred styles, you also got the choice of making your sofa a statement piece with patterned fabrics.

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

Leather sofas on the flip side is a timeless option for those trying to recreate a luxe-hotel vibe or an industrial, masculine look for their home. With all that said, there are no hard and fast rules so just pick the sofa that you think will look best in your abode!

Our pick: It depends!


This is a clear one for us, fabric easily traps dust mites, pet fur, and other allergens easily which means that if someone is allergic to those things at home, you’ll need to have the sofa professionally cleaned more regularly.

Interior Firm:

As leather sofas are hypoallergenic, they’re great for people with allergies or even those who want to save money and effort cleaning their couches often.

Our pick: Leather sofas


The better the quality, the higher the price - that’s the basic premise you can expect when searching for a sofa to buy. Instead of only comparing prices, take into account features such as ease of cleaning, comfort, durability, as well as any additional properties you may want, like stain/scratch-proof.

Interior Firm: Notion of W

Once you’ve figured out the preferences you have and the budget you’re willing to set aside for a sofa, it’ll make for an easier search when you know what to zoom in on.

Our pick: It depends!

Our Recommendation: Take your pick with Artiiso’s range of sofas

Artiiso specialises in bespoke and custom made furniture, and with a wide range of fabric and leather sofas to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Most of their sofa designs allow you to customise the size as well as choose between Italian cowhide leather or Otello Magic Fabric, perfect for those who love a specific design but want to choose their own material. 

The uber-soft Otello Magic Fabric comes in a range of different colours but its most unique feature is that it’s a stain-proof material. This fabric is great for families with kids or those who are clumsy and want to protect their precious sofas from any accidents. To prove its efficacy, you can even visit Artiiso’s showroom to watch a live demo of red wine being removed from the fabric with just regular water. 

For those who prefer leather sofas, Artiiso has a wide range of leather grades and grains that you can pick from. Their Grandeur collection is made out of full grain leather which shows off the unique imperfections of the hides used, making for a distinct and tougher pattern on the sofas. 

Their Luxurious collection on the other hand, is made with Semi Aniline leather which is made out of the same full grain leather but has a light sheen finish to it. The finishing also allows for easy maintenance due to its natural resistance to wear and stains. 

Located in Tai Seng, Artiiso’s gorgeous showroom boasts different sofas and materials to browse through, and the styled furniture pieces will give you some inspiration on how to put the whole look together at home. 

Here to arrange for a visit down to their showroom!

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