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Give Your Home a Glow-Up With These Unique Surfaces With Formica

Give Your Home a Glow-Up With These Unique Surfaces

Going beyond the surface to solve your laminate needs.

Widely used for a variety of applications, laminates have since become one of the most sought-after materials for all your interior design needs. From furniture to cabinetry and even feature walls, these versatile surfaces come in a myriad of designs to match your aesthetic and functionality preferences.

There are plenty of laminate options in the market, but one brand that comes to mind is Formica Laminate. Having gained a foothold as the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure laminates, Formica provides an exclusive range of innovative solutions that ups the ante in both form and function. A distinct feature is its flexibility, which allows you to make use of various techniques to create seamless, unique designs to suit your every style.

Ahead, we highlight some of the noteworthy collections to check out!

1. Formica Magnetic Laminates

A laminate, but make it magnetic. First of its kind in the market, this smart range of decorative laminates is designed to double up as a chalkboard thanks to its strong magnetic capabilities.Formica Magnetic LaminatesIdeal for use in residential, educational and commercial spaces, these sleek and functional panels turn any surface into a canvas to spark your imagination – use it to keep track of your grocery list, jot down daily recipes, or let the kids get creative with artistic doodles. Perfect for those with kids in the household!

Not only is it a fabulous way to inject personality into your space, it’s also hygienic and has stain resistance so you don’t have to worry about leaving marker residue behind. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and it’ll look good as new again for your next scribble sesh!

2. DecoMetal® 

Give your space a decorative edge with the DecoMetal® series, which combines the beauty of real metal surfaces with the flexibility of laminates into a stunning collection.DecoMetal® SRMAvailable in textured, sculpted and brushed finishes, this high-shine metallic selection can make your space look and feel instantly more glamorous without straining your budget. Instead of incorporating actual metal into your decor, the DecoMetal® series serves as a more affordable option to help you nail the high-end look for a lot less. Talk about the Midas touch!

And it doesn’t compromise on quality either – the newly launched DecoMetal® SRM ultra-matte laminates are equipped with anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant properties for a low-maintenance finish. Its lightweight yet robust structure makes it great for both horizontal and vertical use, including counters, fixtures and furniture.


Here’s something for the tech and design-savvy. Introducing the FENIX® range, an exclusive collection of smart materials that packs cutting-edge performance into premium Italian design.Formica FENIX®What makes this range so special is that it encompasses smart functions that perfectly blend in with the rest of the aesthetic. It comes in an extremely matte design with low-light reflectivity and soft-touch characteristics for a smooth, understated appearance. Other unique features include an anti-fingerprint and thermal healing function to mask superficial micro-scratches, which allows you to streamline your space for easier maintenance.

And in case you need more reason to consider FENIX, eco-conscious homeowners can take pride in the fact that it’s certified carbon neutral so you can stay sustainable while improving your home.

4. Formica High Pressure Laminates

If safety and hygiene is your top priority, look no further than Formica’s Next Generation of Surfacing Materials. Thanks to a revolutionary technology known as Protec+®, your surfaces are now enhanced with all-day antimicrobial protection against 99% of microbes, providing you with a safer and more hygienic environment for you and your loved ones. We recommend using it on high-touch areas, such as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, where germs and bacteria tend to accumulate.Formica High Pressure LaminatesWhat’s more, it comes in a soft matte finish that will make pesky fingerprint marks and smudges less visible compared to your usual glossy surfaces. And it’s also less reflective and more visually appealing to boot, coupled with a vast selection of on-trend contemporary designs to choose from. From bright solids to wood textures, these laminates offer a chic and contemporary look that will easily complement any decor.

Your dream home is just an application away!

Fusing beautiful design with purposeful functionality, Formica Laminates are designed to meet all aspects of your needs – whether it’s aesthetics, comfort, durability or hygiene and safety. With an extensive selection of designs and colours available, you can explore endless finish possibilities to bring your dream home to life. Check out some of the material samples that Formica has to offer here, or head down to their new showroom to get professional advice on the best solutions.Give Your Home a Glow-Up With These Unique Surfaces With FormicaSimply make an appointment to Formica’s showroom through Materially for a smooth, fuss-free experience! Not only do you get to enjoy exclusive perks and special promotions, the first 10 homeowners who set an appointment with us can also stand a chance to win a set of reed diffuser to scent your new home. All you have to do is to fill up and submit the Materially Guide form – fastest fingers first!

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