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Blinds or Curtains? A Guide to Picking The One for Your Home

Blinds or Curtains? A Guide to Picking The One for Your Home

Don’t go in blind!

When you’re spending so much time indoors, dressing up your windows can provide you with more privacy. While there are plenty of options on the market, the most accessible are, without a doubt, curtains and blinds.

Interior design by Mr Shopper Studio

Each comes with their own advantages. For example, curtains are:

  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Generally more affordable
  • Offers better light coverage and sound control

While blinds are:

  • Can be dusted or vacuumed for everyday maintenance
  • Great for light control
  • Hardier

Both of them also come in a variety of styles, including:

Types of Curtains

Day curtains

Night curtains

Blackout curtains

Smart curtains

      Types of Blinds

      Indoor blinds

      • Roller blinds
      • Combi blinds
      • Vertical blinds
      • Bamboo blinds
      • Venetian blinds
      • Honeycomb blinds

        Outdoor blinds

        • Roller blinds
        • ZipScreen

          But, how do you know if what you’ve chosen is really the right fit? Here are all the factors you need to consider beforehand!

          1. Your home’s interior style

          Remember, not all curtains or blinds are the same. Your curtains and blinds should complement your interior style and the mood you wish to emulate. 

          Interior design by Anhans Interior Design

          For instance, a heavy and richer fabric like the Provence from Lushcacia might be great for contemporary homes, but seem out of place in an industrial setting. In such cases, we’d recommend looking for alternatives, like wooden venetian blinds from END Curtain that are much better suited!

          2. The cost effectiveness of the window covering

          If cost is a consideration, here’s a rule of thumb: Curtains, in general, are always more affordable than blinds. Why? It’s all in its form – soft fabrics are always cheaper than blinds made of wood, plastic or aluminum. More work is also needed to construct a blind, which accounts for a more exorbitant price tag.

          Interior design by ELPIS Interior Design

          For a more luxurious look, a suede or even this rose gold velvet from END Curtain will suit you best if you’re willing to spend a little more, that is!

          3. How easy it is to clean

          Upkeeping your home is already quite a tedious affair, and affixing window treatments will add onto the load. If you prefer a more hassle-free way of maintenance, cleaning a set of curtains will definitely be less time-consuming – you can toss them in the washing machine or get them dry cleaned!

          Interior design by Third Avenue Studio

          For blinds, one of the easiest to maintain would be the roller blinds, and these gray black out roller blinds from END Curtain are a top contender – as there are no slats to dust off individually, all you have to do is spot clean it on occasion!

          4. Does it offer light control

          Naturally, a window covering should block out light, but to what degree? For bedrooms or areas where darkness is needed, a combination of day and blackout curtains from Lushcacia does this job best. 

          That said, curtains actually don’t do much in the way of controlling the amount of light filtering through, and that’s where blinds win out. With blinds, you get increased flexibility – wind them up for total sunlight or adjust the slats to let your desired amount of light in.

          Interior design by Ascend Design

          5. Does it offer sound control

          The gaps in between blinds allow sound to pass through easily, and on windy days, can cause quite a racket – not really recommended if you’re looking for sound control.

          Interior design by Happe Design Atelier

          Instead, we recommend heavyweight curtains, specifically END Curtain's night curtain collection that insulates and absorbs sound! 

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