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All About Laminates, and Where You Can Use Them in Your Home!

All About Laminates, and Where You Can Use Them in Your Home!

Laminates are plenty versatile so here’s how you can get the most out of them.

You might’ve heard all about laminates, but what are they actually made of?
Well, laminates are actually comprised of layers of craft paper soaked in resin and bonded under high heat and pressure! Commonly used to overlay surfaces, they can replicate the look and feel of real wood, stone, metals and fabrics, but without the disadvantages of these materials.

In addition to their hardier nature and varied look, there are other properties that make them a great surface option for the home, for they are:

  • Scratch-, chemical-, moisture- and heat-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Here are the 8 ways you can apply laminates around the house!

1. Cabinetry in the kitchen

Because you do a ton of cooking in the kitchen, the cabinets here will be exposed to plenty of dirt, grease, and heat. Most laminates should be able withstand it all, but it’s best to think about your own needs too.

Interior Firm: The Local INN.terior

If you have young children at home, you can easily ensure good hygiene standards with Arova’s Supreme Series. These High Pressured Laminates aren’t just scratch-, stain- and chemical-resistant, they are also anti-microbial plus fingerprint-proof!

2. Shelves in your bathroom

Yes, you read that right, you can use laminates in your bathrooms, but only on dry areas such as your vanity and shelving. Areas that are constantly wet like your shower are, of course, a no-go.

Interior Firm: 19 Eighty Three

To ensure that your laminates last in such areas, it’s important to note that these laminates have to be sealed on all sides.

For this, we would recommend Lamitak’s laminates, which can be paired with their Newedge™ edgebands. Not only does this combination prevent water from seeping in, it’s long-lasting and gives a smooth, seamless finish too.

3.  Feature walls in your living room

Since laminates can emulate the look of marble and timber, you can use them in the making of your feature wall, at a more affordable cost.

Interior Firm: The Local INN.terior

For a more unconventional, but creative take, we recommend Admira’s Cat Conversations laminate. This laminate features plenty of cats and other animals, all of which can be coloured in by your whole family! Once you’re done, you can wipe it down and start over with a whole new colour palette for an ever-changing feature wall.

4. Wardrobe in your bedroom

Laminates are most commonly used in the making of wardrobes because it’s durable and easy to clean. Aside from its obvious functionality, it’s easier to find the perfect match for your bedroom’s theme because there are also many options to choose from – think glossy white laminates that help to visually expand the space to muted shades of grey stone to play up the restful atmosphere.

Interior Firm: Versaform

5. Furniture

A piece of solid wood furniture can be costly. If you’re not looking to invest yet, laminate furniture’s a great alternative – it’s hardy, and easy to clean. Most importantly, you can easily replicate the look of other materials like wood at an affordable price.

Interior Firm: The Local INN.terior

6. False ceilings in your living room

Ceilings are usually kept as a blank canvas, and that’s a shame because it’s free real estate that can be reworked and transformed into a home’s focal point! In fact, you can easily install a false ceiling that looks just like wood with interlocking laminate panels.

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

7. Doors

With the white blast door and metal ventilation plate, household shelters are the bane of almost every homeowner’s existence. Aside from concealing it with paint, you can also consider using laminates to make it look like any other door in your home.

Interior Firm: Carpenters

And that goes without saying, you can use this method to change the look of other doors in your home too!

8. Partitions

A space completely free of walls can come off “bare” and too exposed, and that’s where lightweight partitions come in! They help to section off a space and add a sense of privacy. When fashioned out of laminates, you can create stunning, but functional features that double as a shoe cabinet, a mini settee or display for instance.

Interior Firm: Artmuse Interior

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