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All About Curtains and Blinds: We Asked an Expert to Answer All Your Questions

Are curtains easy to maintain? How about blinds? Here are the answers to these questions, and more! 

While they aren’t indoor fixtures that you’d usually pay plenty of attention to, curtains and blinds are in fact some of the most useful additions that you can make to any home – they keep out the sun, bugs, and most importantly, prying eyes. 

Materially END Curtain BlindsProduct merchant: END Curtain

But before investing in a new set of window treatments, you might (understandably) have some questions to ask, which is why we got local curtains and blinds retailer END Curtain to shed some light on your queries! 

Which is cheaper? Curtains or blinds? 

END Curtain (END): Neither option is necessarily cheaper than the other, but some general cost factors that you might want to take note of are the type of fabric/material used and the size of your window treatments. 

Materially END Curtain Day & Night CurtainsProduct merchant: END Curtain

The type of opening mechanism you’ve chosen will also influence the final cost, for instance, motorised curtains/blinds will cost more than manual ones. 

Should I have blinds and curtains with the same colour throughout my house? 

END: That mostly depends on individual or the type of look that you’d like to create for your home. Let’s say you’ve chosen a very unified theme (e.g., Scandinavian or MUJI throughout), then having everything in the same colour will let you achieve visual consistency. 

Materially END Curtain Venetian BlindsProduct merchant: END Curtain

Alternatively, if each of your rooms has a unique look, you may wish to get curtains with different colours for a more fun vibe! 

Is it true the blackout curtains will prevent wind from entering my home? 

END: Yes, it’s true that blackout curtains will block out both light and wind when they’re closed, but the upside is that you won’t be disturbed at night when you sleep, and you won’t get woken up by the sun’s glare in the morning.  

Materially END Curtain Night CurtainsProduct merchant: END Curtain

For outdoor areas, you may consider outdoor blinds as an alternative to blackout blinds as they can keep out rain, while still allowing wind and sunlight to pass through.  

Curtains or blinds, which is easier to maintain? 

END: In our opinion, curtains and blinds are comparable in terms of maintenance. But if dust is a concern, you can consider getting a material that’s lighter coloured so that it’s less visible. 

Materially END Curtain Roller BlindsProduct merchant: END Curtain

We’d also recommend cleaning with a vacuum or static duster. Alternatively, a steam cleaner works fine for fabrics too, plus you can use it to clean your sofa!  

Which is better for a bedroom: curtains or blinds? 

END: Generally, we’d say that blinds block out about 10% less light than curtains, so if you’re a light sleeper, we recommend getting blackout curtains instead. In terms of aesthetics, curtains will give your bedroom a cosier vibe, whereas blinds will make it look sleeker. 

Materially END Curtain Bedroom

Test them out by getting samples delivered to your doorstep!

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