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6 Material Tips to Reduce Your Cleaning Time Significantly!

6 Material Tips to Reduce Your Cleaning Time Significantly!

Because life’s too short to spend it all on maintenance.

Getting a home is a huge life milestone, but with it comes the need for maintenance. However, between caring for the family and work, it doesn’t come easy, and it’s likely that your “me” time has got to give… right?

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Wrong! These materials can help you cut down the time you spend on your chores by half once you have them incorporated. More about picking the right materials for an easy-to-clean, low maintenance home below.

1. Opt for grout-less vinyl flooring

Though homogeneous tiles are commonplace in HDBs and condos, they are, frankly, a hassle to clean. The exposed grout lines trap dirt and stains easily, which require a dedicated scrubber or a strong arm and a toothbrush to remove.

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Instead, opt for larger vinyl slabs like these EHF ones from Diamond Asia Tiles or a click-lock variation from Ovation Flooring that reduces joint lines. Otherwise, if eco-friendliness and performance matters, Xing Floors also has click alternatives that improves air quality

Find the right vinyl option for your home here.

2. Pick bigger tile slabs for wet areas

Tiles are pretty much synonymous with bathrooms. But rather than trapping dirt, the porous grout lines become perfect incubators for mould growth in such wet areas.

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Like the above, you can opt for larger tile blocks like GANI’s 1800 x 900 alternatives to feature less grout, and you’re set.

Explore other popular tiling alternatives here.

3. Pick out laminates with resistant properties

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Laminates come in different styles, but their properties matter a great deal, especially if have rambunctious kids around! Aside from Admira’s and Lamitak’s stain-resistant laminates, we also recommend checking out Arova’s Supreme Series that boast anti-microbial and anti-fingerprint attributes.

Click here to browse more laminates options.

4. Choose washable or darker coloured wall coverings

When accidental markings or curious scribbles on the wall are a common occurrence, it’s a sign to look into Gush’s washable paints or Dulux’s Wash and Wear collection. Like the names suggest, you can liberally slap on a wet, soapy rag to get those stains out in seconds.

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

If a plain backdrop is not cutting it, you could also opt for Wallhub’s wall coverings in a darker neutral to better mask spots or simply use a stain resistant panel like Admira’s Cerarl Tiles or Paneltec’s PVC options.

For more wall covering solutions, click here.

5. Opt for engineered quartz or solid surface kitchen countertops

Designed for the lazy at heart, Caesarstone’s and iQuartz’s engineered quartz has all the properties you’d want for your kitchen countertop – it’s highly durable, heat-, scratches- and stain-resistant. Even if you were to leave a mess behind, you can clear it all even with a household dishwater detergent.

Interior Firm: Notion of W

A close runner up for the ultimate easy-clean kitchen material? LG HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surfaces. Aside from being water- and stain-resistant, this material also boasts antibacterial properties and is sustainable to boot!

Explore a curated selection of countertop materials here.

6. Use stain-resistant fabrics in the making of your sofa

It’s undeniable that fabrics pose a harder challenge to clean, since its fibres can trap particles and stains easily. If you’re not neat and careful, we recommend picking out furniture made of less fussy materials like Artiiso’s leather seats that have anti-staining and scratching properties.

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

However, if you still prefer the cosy feeling that fabric brings, you could have your sofa clad in Artiiso’s Otello Magic Fabric. Like its namesake, it is quite magical – designed in Italy, you can use water to rinse out wine stains in under one minute! 

More upholstery solutions for your seating woes here.

All these materials and more delivered to your doorstep!

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