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6 Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Doors

6 Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Doors, Answered

We wood-n’t want you to choose the wrong material for your door!

Choosing doors for your home isn’t exactly the most exciting part of your renovation process. But even then, you’ll still need to do some research about the different types of doors, or you’ll be scratching your head wondering what’s what when it’s eventually time to pick the doors you want. 

If you haven’t done so yet, don’t worry - we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ll specifically be zeroing in on timber doors (a common type of door in Singapore) to give you a clearer idea on what they are!

What exactly is timber, and how is it different from wood?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that timber is wood, but it would be more accurate to say that timber is a byproduct of wood. To be clear, wood is the most natural form of the material, while timber is treated wood that most commonly comes in the form of planks and beams. Materially SG GDW Timber Door

What are the benefits of having timber doors?

Due to their sturdy, durable nature, timber doors will last a long, long time.. They’re also great at keeping moisture out, especially those that are made from hardwood like oak and maple. 

Investing in a solid (pun intended) timber door also means better noise and temperature insulation. This means that your rooms feel cool for longer when the air-conditioner is switched on and that your neighbours aren’t going to complain when your newborn is having sleepless nights.Materially SG GDW Bedroom Door

Are timber doors expensive?

Timber doors range anywhere from $200 - $1200. The main reason for the wide range can be attributed to the different types of wood used. Softwood trees like pine and cedar are naturally less dense (and grow more quickly) than their hardwood counterparts, making them easier to cut down and obtain.

For these reasons, timber made of softwood is generally cheaper than timber made of hardwood, with the downside that they’re not as sturdy or resistant to things like moisture and sound.    Materially SG GDW Timber Door

What types of interior styles do timber doors suit?

Timber doors are perfect for those who are a fan of rustic styles - think mid-century modern or farmhouse interiors that are getting increasingly popular amongst homeowners. 
Timber doors are also an easy match for Scandinavian interiors where sleek designs and wooden elements are at play.Materially SG GDW - 6 Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Doors

Is it difficult to maintain timber doors?

As most of the timber doors purchased nowadays come treated with a protective coating, only minimal maintenance is needed. Every six months, wipe the door surface and edges with a mixture of warm water (about a bowl’s worth) mixed with 1-2 pumps of mild dish soap.  
If you’re more particular, wiping your door down with a slightly damp cloth every month to remove dust and dirt will do the trick. Materially SG GDW - Commonly Asked Questions about Doors

Where do I get timber doors in Singapore?

SG Gate Door Window not only supplies timber doors, but also has a wide selection of gates, window grilles and door locks for you to choose from. Talk about a one-stop shop! With easily accessible catalogues on their site, you’ll find yourself scrolling for hours trying to find the perfect match for your home. 
Another option is Eazea, a digital lock provider that also supplies gates and doors. Judging by their frequent 5-star reviews and installation videos on their Facebook page, this is another hot favourite.Materially SG GDW - Commonly Asked Questions about Timber Doors

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