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5 Material Hacks to Save on Renovation Cost

5 Material Hacks to Save on Renovation Cost

Don’t break the bank - use these budget-friendly alternatives instead!

Of big ticket items for newlyweds, buying of a home tops the chart, with renovation often coming in second. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend more than needed to get the home of your dreams. Here are 5 material hacks - some more known than others - that will help you save on renovation costs. 

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

1. Overlay instead of retiling your kitchen backsplash

 Most homes (including BTOs) come with wall tiles in the kitchen. Unless you spend hours cooking and baking each day, hacking and retiling your kitchen wall may not be worth the cost.

“But I still want a beautiful kitchen backsplash!” Well yes you can with this alternative: wall coverings that can overlay existing furnished walls.


Product Merchant: Admira

We recommend going with quality laminated wall coverings like those from Admira's CERARL series because of their high resistance water, heat, stain and bacteria - properties which are much needed in kitchen wall coverings. Opt for the likes of Admira’s Dark Smooth Mode and Dark Bronco if you’re going for a dark home aesthetic, or Retro Teak (Light) and Organic Linen if you prefer a light/bright home.

2. Choose neutral tiles instead of fancy ones

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

Some homeowners choose mixed tiles for their flooring, so as to achieve an eclectic look. However, this is generally more expensive due to the additional treatment or workmanship required. Even when not mixed, it’s important to remember that trends come and go - so you might want to rethink going with fancy tiles. 

Save with this alternative: go with neutral tiles that stand the test of time. That way, you get to save on hacking and retiling (often two of the bigger components in any renovation budget) if you decide to renovate again in future.

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

We recommend going with something simple like Soon Bee Huat's white tiles, or Gani's Roman Jade marble tile series if you prefer something with a little pizzazz - while still remaining neutral, of course.

Tip: Go for bigger tiles that can give the illusion of a bigger home!

3. Leverage materials, curtains and paint to keep your home bright

Installing additional lighting points isn’t the only way to have a brighter home.

Save with these alternatives instead: place mirrors and reflective surfaces near a light source/your windows, and switch blackout/night curtains for day curtains or blinds like those from End Curtain’s Venetian collection.

Interior Firm: Posh Home

Walls are also instrumental in reflecting light, so opting for light rather than dark paint will help keep your home bright. We recommend off-white colours like Cair Fresh Linen by Gush, or cream colours like Puhua’s Ph 1032.

4. Use vinyl flooring to overlay over existing flooring instead of retiling

If you are regretting opting for the HDB’s Optional Component Scheme that comes with floor tiles, fret not.

Instead of hacking and retiling (which, as mentioned, is expensive), save with this alternative instead: use vinyl flooring to overlay over your existing flooring. The same applies to resale flats as well - simply fill in grout lines and you’re all set!

Interior Firm: Forefront Interior

For a classic wood-inspired look, try Xingfloor’s Luxury Vinyl Click range. For a little more colour while remaining true to nature, try Ovation Flooring’s Modern Eco-Lux Flooring range.

5. Have a painted feature wall instead of a built-in one

Feature walls are all the rage these days, but built-in features aren’t the only way to have one. Save with this alternative instead: paint a wall (or section of a wall) differently from others in the room.

Product Merchant: Dulux | Interior design by Free Space Intent

When done artfully and with the right quality paints like Dulux’s range of interior paint or Wallhub’s strato texture paint, painted feature walls can achieve the same effect as those with built-ins, at a fraction of the cost!

We have a wide range of other paint brands to choose from, and you can find them here.

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